Mijn handen zijn niet hetzelfde

My hands are not the same

2024 - Acrylycs on canvas (100x100cm)

Painting inspired by the short story of Liv Reumer. A personal, profound, and vulnerable short story about the unrecognizability and loneliness one experiences when struggling with mental health. The contrast between deep loneliness and rich colors represents the dichotomy found in such a situation. That besides the darkness there can be survival, strength, joy, appreciation, curiosity and seeing beauty within it all.

This short story was given the poetic title of “Mijn handen zijn niet hetzelfde” . Letting deep feelings of unrecognizability surface.

Should my hands resemble each other? Are my hands so different from others? Are my hands different from each other? Should they resemble each other? What kind of grip do these hands possess? Alongside these questions, there's always the perspective of being able to observe and study this body part. Raising other questions of ownershp. 

Girl in Red

2024 - Acrylycs on paper (50x70cm)

An exploration of the emotional journey following an unexpected and unwilling separation from a significant other. This piece delves into the process of rediscovering oneself, uncovering a powerful and forgotten aspect of one's identity.  Finding the discovery  comforting and strengthening. Feeling happy and grateful for these revealed experiences and at the same time feeling the sorrow which still lingers close.

Holding on

2023 - Acrylycs on canvas (70x100cm)

The Perfect Picture. The perfect woman, the perfect Eve. Clutching the hot ball. The uncomfortable yet presented position suggests that life is beautiful and as it should be. In addition, she continues to hold onto the red ball, pretending it won't stain her. With a firm gaze, she seeks ways to convince you.


2018 - Linoleum on paper (21x29,7cm)

This series portrays the life of my favorite uncle in five episodes. A unique and artistic individual. He also grappled with mental health issues. His presence during my childhood profoundly impacted our family, bringing both positive and negative influences. By using the linoleum cut technique, high contrast was created in the prints. Symbolizing the complex interplay betweenhumanity and the inner struggles he faced.

 Origin of the form

2021 - Acrylycs on paper  (70x100cm)

These works are evolved from experimental techniques and shapes. The artwork delves into the interplay between abstract shapes and human forms.  It seeks to uncover faces and figures emerging from geometric patterns, highlighting the connection between structure and humanity.