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Silkscreen 70x100cm

Phomen🍜 a mixture of pho and ramen, with a hint of dogs. Not for the weak, just for the golden boys and girls.

Collaboration with Katja Grosskinsk.

Pookie is looking fire tonight


It started when my colleague made a comment about my outfit. Apparently, there is a meme from a South American couple where a cowboy with a thick southern accent compliments his partner with the famous words: “ Pookie's looking for fire tonight"

Later that week, I was watching a video with my own partner about a 17-year-old boy who had two mentors. These mentors teach him how to be an alpha male.

According to them, the key lessons of being an alpha male are to buy bitcoin, to only wear fancy clothes, be fit as fuck, and to make sure you treat a woman of your pleasant company. Afterall, even if you don't like her, its a blessing that she is in your company.

I find it frustrating that men teach eachother this attitude and so this illustration came out of my pencil.

Not every swine can afford it to bitcoin.

Bitches on fishes

Holla at my viswijven

Brand Design


In her lens

Visuals podcast

Visuals for the podcast series centering underrepresented voices in film & television. The podcast features female and non-binary creators who make and hape films, tv shows and media.

 Bakkerverhuur service



Expats Redefined


Inforgaphics for Expats Redefined, a bureau which focusses on the well being of expats and their families throughout a life of transitions.

Book design


Collage & Digital

In this zine I choose to bring to light and discuss the often overlooked sensitivities surrounding the topic of physical touch, intimacy, and longing during the Corona epidemic. In order to get people’s attention we decided to create vulgar and bold images to interrupt daily life.

Check the link below for an insight:

When Dutch Meets Americain

Arcylics on paper
Two of the seven illustrations I made for a research on how the Dutch culture would translate into americain visual aesthetics.


How to set up your own silkscreen publishing studio?  Together with Lotte de Vries I made a manual. We set up a silkscreen publisher workspace for  SHOOT. graphic design bureau. The manual is completely made out of test paper of previous designs.

Free work