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Assignment: Easy Network lounge

Location: Graanbeurszaal, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam

In the Beurs van Berlage, where the warm tones of the Graanbeurszaal take center stage, we have created an inviting breakout room. Inspired by golden and yellow grain hues, this space offers guests the perfect place to chat, relax, enjoy coffee, and network. The playful layout ensures a natural flow, with a light wooden bar featuring a marble-look countertop as the focal point for refreshments. Red wooden room dividers add warmth and contrast with the light bar. Surrounding the bar are various lounge areas for both group networking and intimate conversations in cozy corners. The colorful yet balanced design creates a harmonious and welcoming atmosphere.

Event design@BloemBloem

Assignment: Presentation of a new premium car brand during a luxury, high-end dinner, with a Provence theme.

Location: de Fabrique Utrecht, Netherlands

The challenge lay in seamlessly merging two different worlds to meet the client's desires. The raw and industrial location stood in stark contrast to the refined Provençal theme sought after. When thinking of true high-end luxury from France, images of the Palace of Versailles, the Louvre, and Monte Carlo came to mind. To marry this grandeur with the initial impressions evoked by Provence (such as the gardens, lavender, and sun), Lara delved deeper into the gardens for inspiration.

Inspired by the symmetrical and static patterns in these gardens, Lara sought ways to combine these two elements. This culminated in an atmosphere of timeless elegance, with classic white linen and comfortable light wooden chairs, embodying the ambiance of an outdoor dinner on a summer evening.

Additionally, symmetry was created through boxwood hedges and robust stone pedestals filled with pots of lavender, a fusion of the iconic greenery of the palaces and the emblematic flowers of Provence. By strategically incorporating cypresses, a buffet with limestone aesthetics, and the impressive presence of a majestic chandelier with a 200 cm diameter, Lara achieved a perfect balance between natural simplicity and timeless luxury.

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In recent years, I have noticed an important trend increasingly appearing on the stage of the events industry. This trend is driven by a deeper connection with nature and a growing awareness of sustainability. The green trend aims to blur the line between outdoors and indoors; indoors is outdoors, outdoors is indoors. This style falls under Biophilic design. In Biophilic design, we seek ways to enhance guests' connectivity with the natural environment through the use of direct and indirect nature. Nature is not only reflected through many plants or flowers but also through the use of natural materials and colors in the furniture. These natural elements not only improve well-being but also emphasize the bond with nature and stimulate a sense of responsibility towards the environment. Finding this topic very important myself, I created this design with these thoughts in mind, aiming to inspire our clients and my fellow colleagues.